Arts Patronage, Anyone?

Michelangelo's David

There’s a reason why most artists hate marketing their own work, and this is it: You can create, or you can market, but unless you’re a very rare person indeed, you’re going to have trouble doing both at once.

And unless you’re a very rich person indeed, you’re going to be doing your creating and your marketing while you’re also trying to make a living.

It’s almost enough to make me wish for the good old days when the DeMedici’s supported Michelangelo, and Bach got paid by patrons for composing concertos.


But then I remember that—oh, yeah—I have my own speaker coaching business, and publish my own writing precisely because I don’t want a boss, a publisher, or a DeMedici telling me what to do.

Come to think of it, if Bach or Michelangelo had had the option of peddling their work on the Internet, they might have broken with their patrons, too!

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