After the Launch Party’s Over

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After not one but two book launch parties in a ten-day period, I feel like Cinderella surveying the wreckage of the ball.

It’s not so much that I miss the excitement, the attention, the kudos, and the champagne (though I do!).  It’s that—once the guests have left with their autographed copies—I’m faced with the next daunting step in this process:  Marketing.

I’ve set a pretty modest sales goal.  I’d like to sell 1000 copies of The Tattooed Heart to people who will enjoy reading it.  And while that may sound like small potatoes, I’ve got a healthy respect for the hard work that goes into building that kind of fan base, and buzz.

For comparison sake, over 1000 people now visit my speaker coaching business website each month—and that took eight long years to accomplish!

Gee, maybe they’d all like to buy a good novel…

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